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Various Artists: Japan Tour 2005

16. März 2024

Bernhard Fleischmann & Tarwater : Japan 2005 Made for Japan, at first. Made in Berlin. Made in Vienna. Last year Bernd Jestram, Ronald Lippok and Bernhard Fleischmann were on tour together across Japan. The former ones under the name of their band Tarwater, the latter simply as Bernhard Fleischmann. The EP that is now available…

The Year Of „Slow Days“

16. März 2024

A soft humming. A clarinet from a distance. Disconnected sounds, searching, waiting. With “Mantra” “Slow Days” begins as expected – at least with regard to this line up. Bernhard Fleischmann, Christof Kurzmann, Burkhard Stangl (here as Paul Kling), Martin Siewert and Werner Dafeldecker are all together experimentalists of beats and sounds, trained in post-Jazz and…

The Humbucking Coil

7. März 2024

The Humbucking Coil is a schizophrenic apparatus. A pick-up that eliminates the guitar’s usual interferences, its white noise, just by means of doubling them. Two electromagnetic coils turn each other mute. What solely remains is the pure sound of the vibrating string. And that what is done with this single sound. Bernhard Fleischmann named his…