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Erscheinungsjahr: 2011

Duo 505 „Walzer Oder Nicht“

16. März 2024

Forget about lyrics to convey feelings or moods: It’s all in the music, in the melodies, its harmonies. After all, these tracks don’t need words to say a whole lot. The same is true of their genesis: Bernhard Fleischmann and Herbert Weixelbaum hardly discussed any ideas or musical concepts while in the studio. Instead, these…

For M / Mikro_Kosmos – Two Concerts

7. März 2024

Two track titles, separated by a slash; and two independent realms, recorded moments in time, separate sonic worlds: the two concerts b. fleischmann recorded for his new LP don’t need an album title to tie them together. They complement each other and interlock quite smoothly and organically anyway, lifting you up when the other is…