A Choir of Empty Beds

Label // Fuzzy Box
Jahr // 2000
Format // LP, CD
Cat. No. // FUZ023

Fuzzy Box is honored to present to you B. Fleischmann’s first American release. This Austrian knob-tweaker has successfully established himself as a crucial element to the European electronic experimental scene with his two 1999 releases, “Pop Loops for Breakfast” CD on the Charhizma label (Austria) and the“Sidonie” 12” on Morr Music (Germany) and Charhizma. B. Fleischmann produces very digital, very German-sounding, electronic soundscapes with spacial electro beats and synthesized noise – all created on one device. His sound his summed up with different electronic “instruments” creating harmonies and fine melodies within a unique blend of soundscapes. The different kinds of generated noise should not disturb the harmonies of the songs, but should find their way to communicate with the other sounds – tracks to cruise to, during a long night, where the next morning is already near. If you are a fan of German minimal techno, and your ears are craving a sonic digression from the 4/4 norm, B. Fleischmann’s melodic minimalism and corky sequencing might be the ideal settlement.