Duo 505 „Another Illusion“

Label // Konkord
Jahr // 2008
Format // CD
Cat. No. // Konkord025

Another trip into the heart of the Groovebox. On this, duo505’s second album, B.Fleischmann and Herbert Weixelbaum move through uplifting increasingly melodic electronic Lo-Fi landscapes.

Instrumental pieces from classic synth-pop dominates the scenery along with the occasional kitsch trash moment. Dig a bit deeper into the music and suddenly the atmosphere dissolves into hard electro beats creating a noisy patchwork of sound.

The craftsmanship shown by the two artists in merging the “two into one” has highlighted the development in their music that has allowed them to create an album that weaves together their musical styles so exquisitely. Ultimately it breaks the borders of the japanese underground soul disco fav, “Just An Illusion” and Dinosaur Jr’s “Feel the Pain” gets reborn as a plastic pop anthem.

Music that catches the mind of the listener and paints suggestive, dreamlike pictures. The pop visionary B.Fleischmann and the Renaissance and Barock musical training of Herbert Weixelbaum get a whole lot more out of Rolands legendary Groovebox than just first class electronica. Namely, timeless & great pop music.